My experience with hypnotherapy turned out to be a total life-changing experience. I had no understanding about what it was about before I went to my first session. I was dealing with many different problems ever since my back surgery in March 2005. I dealt with what doctors thought was trauma to my nerves, which caused constant pain/neuropathy on the left side of my body. I dealt with swelling, loss of feeling, throbbing and stabbing pain, and weakness on my left side. I was put on countless medications that were very hard on my body. I thought that nothing would be able to take my pain away, especially without the use of medications.

My first session was amazing, and I was able to relieve of so much of my pain and had an emotional breakthrough. I was dealing with a very hard relationship with my swim coach, and between focusing on my emotional and physical pains together, I was able to accomplish so much. I was even able to see a physical difference since the swelling I deal with goes down now within a twenty minute session. I am now back to reaching my goal of swimming in college and being able to live without pain. It was a true blessing being introduced to hypnotherapy and EFT, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and kindness.

– Amanda Shomgard, Maryland

“I had been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder 4 years ago. The anxiety was a result of constant criticism by my father as I was growing up, and even as an adult, I still felt a fear of being judged in professional and social situations. After years of traditional therapy methods, I still felt very frustrated that my anxiety interfered with a good portion of my daily life. I did some research on hypnotherapy for anxiety and thought that I would give it a try, although I was still afraid that my anxiety would prevent myself from being able to be hypnotized.

I found Andrew’s website on the internet and contacted him based on the testimonials I had read. I was almost immediately put at ease when I met him because I felt that he genuinely wanted to help confront the issues that had been with me for many years. I was amazed not only at how he was able to hypnotize me, but at how effective the session had been! I knew something had changed when I met with my father less than a week later and was not fearful of his judgment of me. I have a newfound confidence in myself that had always been afraid to surface. I truly believe that this change has been due to my one session with Andrew.”

– Anonymous, San Francisco

“I’ve noticed lately that the things that would normally make me angry or blow my stack, don’t irritate me that much anymore. I get upset but I don’t blow up, I’m just slightly annoyed and laugh about it. It was such an amazing experience that I’ve been talking about it to everyone and recommending you to everyone 🙂 Thank you again Andrew! You are amazing!”

– Holly Andrus, Covelo, California

“If I were to give a one sentence description of hypnotherapy, I would refer to it as the turbo version of talk therapy. It presents with a wide range of approaches and options that makes it highly versatile, allowing it to be catered effectively to the client’s momentary needs and create a perfectly tailored session. Accordingly, impacts are felt from the get go through new dream experiences, changes in vantage points, shifts in frame of mind, and so on, that seem to happen effortlessly and that eventually result in a fresh approach and new perspectives of the issue at hand.

But there is no good treatment modality without a good therapist! I find Andrew to be a very experienced therapist able to create a safe space of trust and respect, infused with his natural empathy and nurturing compassion as well as expertly using the resources this wonderful modality provides. And the best? The best thing about it is that I can benefit fully from Andrew’s expertise over Skype from the comfort of my home in Switzerland!

– Madeleine, Zurich

Emotional Freedom Technique

To my surprise, my first EFT session gave me immediate relief from an anxiety that had plagued me off and on for months. Within minutes the issue was neutralized and I felt a peaceful, calming, objectivity come over me. Two follow-up sessions also helped; I had been skeptical, but now I believe they work!

– Rev. Drew Vogt, San Francisco

I was experiencing some pretty strong, negative feelings after a traumatic incident. Andrew suggested we try EFT to eliminate those feelings. I was a bit skeptical at first about a procedure that promises instant relief… However, after three rounds and fifteen minutes, my negative feelings around the particular incident had pretty much disappeared. Andrew has the healing touch!

– Ali Abolfazli, San Francisco

First of all, I want to thank you very much for performing an Emotional Freedom Technique treatment on me. Before the treatment I was feeling a deep sense of grief, betrayal, sadness, and loss due to my previous boyfriend’s actions toward the end of our four year relationship. Although I was healing from the anger and other emotions, I wasn’t quite free from the emotions I mentioned above. After the EFT treatment, which lasted at the most 20 minutes, those feelings I had were completely neutralized. Those feelings had been inside my heart and my spirit, and after the treatment they had no power and no feeling at all. Before, those feelings were right in front of my face. During the first round of the EFT treatment I saw those feelings 100 yards away and then after the last round I really could not see them at all.

It has been almost two weeks and those emotions are still neutralized and have no power what so ever. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Andrew. Your treatment has made such a profound difference in the way my body, mind and spirit feels. I completely recommend this to anyone who would rather heal from various things they are feeling and dealing with in 20 minutes, instead of possibly over the course of months or years.

Much love and healing, Rachel.

– Rachel Schneir, San Francisco