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Can Hypnosis Cure My Insomnia?

I was recently interviewed by a freelance writer based in New York for an article that he was writing for, a website devoted to sleep. He asked me to explain the intricacies of exactly how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help with insomnia. It was a great conversation and he turned it into a great… Read more

Why coffee may be causing your anxiety

As caffeine stimulates the nervous system, it can create¬†bodily sensations similar to stress, fear, and panic. Such sensations can signal to the mind that something is wrong, resulting in added layers of cognitive stress such as nervousness, worry, and anxiety. Long-term and¬†excessive consumption can cause experiences often diagnosed as anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and insomnia…. Read more

Healing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Does hypnotherapy help with anxiety? You bet it does! And is much more quick, effective, and cost-effective than talk therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and medication. More to follow on how it works below, and check out the scientific research abstracts at the bottom. At the bottom of the page I have included feedback from several… Read more

Birthing HeartBreak Therapy – A story of healing and inspiration

Andrew Gentile is a hypnotherapist and author in Toronto, Canada. His book, HeartBreak Therapy: Repair Manual for a Broken Heart, provides a revolutionary approach to healing after the pain of a breakup by incorporating audio hypnotherapy sessions. Find out more at Andrew is also available for private sessions in person in Toronto, or from… Read more